Cloudy Day - Family Session

I had a Family Session that was seeming a little questionable that the rain was going to stop. My Clients were will to take the risk if I was, so I decided what the heck lets go for it! Thankfully when we started it was lightly raining but it did die off. Then it turned into a perfectly cloudy day, which is such gorgeous lighting because it makes the sky like a huge soft box - making the light so light and crisp. No harsh lighting (YES!) 🙌 This little family was the sweetest, I could just feel how genuine and loving this family was right away. You ever get that feeling meeting someone that day and just feel how genuine they are? That was this family. It's such a joy I get to meet such wonderful people, get to know them a bit and be able to share their families story. The BEST. FEELING. EVER! ❤️💕

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