Summer Family Session

This Family Session turned out more amazing than I thought it would be, the secret reasoning why this turned out so amazing is because well of coarse this Family way awesome! However the big reason this session turned out a little different is from all the wildfire haze we had going on in the sky made this gorgeous warm haze in their images! As the time passed, the golden sky got even vibrate - just beautiful. This family was so well connected, it was so easy to capture their love and laughter. All their kiddos were amazing and so full of personality! Towards the end of the session they got the kids buckled up and they were saying their goodbyes to me and I decided lets capture just one quick picture of mom and dad by themselves as were standing right next to the vehicle. I think those moments are so important, a strong love and relationship from mom and dad is so important. It's good to pull yourselves away just for a moment to appreciate one another... ❤️💕

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